1 Carat (ctw) Diamond Studs in 14k White or Yellow Gold Lab Grown

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Why Shop P3 POMPEII3?

Pompeii3 is known not only as a widely respected diamond retailer but also as an independent designer of fine diamond jewelry.

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  9. What we stand for

    With over 50 years of experience and a strong background in both gemology and design, we are a uniquely positioned resource for the highest quality diamond jewelry available. We’re thrilled to provide a collection of jewelry backed by extraordinary quality, unrivaled expertise, and a distinctly contemporary shopping experience.

  10. Manufacturing

    Buying direct from Pompeii3 will save you money but it also ensures you are getting it from the company that makes products. We have many years of experience and you will truly enjoy your piece for a lifetime.


    We go through strict quality checks on all of our pieces. This is very important to us. We stand behind all of our products and want to make sure you love them too.


    Pompeii3 items all come in branded packaging. All of our items come in the appropriate gift box to ensure they are ready to give to your loved one.

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Product Description

Lab Grown Diamond Studs by Pompeii3

Stunning and dazzling round brilliant cut lab grown diamonds are set in solid metal with secure backings. Don't miss out on this stunning deal and opportunity to own sparkly lab grown diamonds. The high quality cutting and clean material give these lab grown diamonds the most scintillation. This is a gift you can wear and enjoy for a lifetime.

What is an EX3 lab grown diamond?

EX3 Lab grown diamonds or cultured diamonds as the name suggests are created in a laboratory rather than being mined from the earth’s crust. Manufactured under highly controlled conditions and uncompromising supervision, these gems are in no way different to the ones that are mined. Over the last decade, man has been able to create technological processes that have helped us perfect the art of creating diamonds in laboratories that are physical, optically and chemically identical to the real diamond. The journey that starts from a seed of a pre-existing diamond turns into a beautiful sparkling diamond using advanced technological processes and extreme heat and pressure conditions.

Mission Statement

We're providing the world a diamond that has never funded terrorism, been mined by a child, or caused catastrophic environmental harm. Our motivation to produce diamonds was fueled by the quest to create a sustainable and perfectly cut diamond with no carbon foot print. Down to the last atom diamonds are every bit the same as a natural diamond.

Why choose an EX3 lab grown diamond?

The question is: why not choose one? Not only are they a great alternative to natural diamonds, but they are also produced in a safe environment with minimal environmental impact, unlike the natural diamond whose mining does irreparable damage to our environment. They exhibit the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a natural diamond. The best part? They offer excellent value and cost less than a natural diamond that is mined from the surface of the Earth. Only very sophisticated testing can separate the lab grown diamonds from the mined ones. But you will notice the difference in your bank account.

Is this a real diamond?

People often believe that lab grown diamonds are not real diamonds. We are glad to tell you that this is completely wrong. Lab grown diamonds have the same carbon structure as a real diamond. While moissanite, white sapphire or cubic zirconia may look like a diamond, they are not true carbon crystals and can be distinguished by a naked eye. EX3 Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, are in fact real diamonds and have all the properties of a natural. These diamonds have even dazzled the skeptics. This is why they are almost impossible to differentiate from natural diamonds and only very sophisticated testing can separate the lab grown diamonds from the natural ones.

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100% quality guarantee
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