MORGAN & PAIGE .925 Sterling Silver Gemstone and White Sapphire Halo Heart Pendant Necklace, Stud Earrings, and Size 7 Ring Set - Choice of Birthstone Colors

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From the manufacturer


The January birthstone is thought to symbolize deep and enduring friendship, as well as overall happiness. Sometimes called the “Gem of Faith” garnets are considered to impart health and wealth, as well as protection for the wearer. Garnet is also associated with peace, prosperity, insight and awareness.


Amethyst is the birthstone for February, prized for its rich purple color. Ancient Greeks and Romans wore the gemstone to keep them calm and quick-witted. Amethyst is known as the stone of faithful love, connected to the legend of Saint Valentine of Rome. The stone is said to alleviate sadness, activate spiritual awareness and counteract negative thoughts.


The clear blue-green aquamarine is the birthstone of March. Just as the color and the name suggest, aquamarine is associated with tranquility, serenity and peace. This lovely gemstone is so calming that it allows the wearer to remain composed in the most difficult of situations. Aquamarine is known as the “Sailors Stone” promising a prosperous and safe voyage for those at sea.

White Topaz

White topaz is widely known as the preferred substitute of choice for diamond, the April birthstone. Strength, tenacity and individuality are qualities associated with white topaz. The stone is thought to gift the wearer with clarity of thought and a high level of reasoning skills. Balance and resilience are key benefits of white topaz.


Sometimes called the Poet’s Gemstone, emerald is the birthstone of May. A classic stone of love and romance, emeralds are thought to heal the heart, encouraging love and passion. Ancient Greeks wore emeralds as reverence for Aphrodite, the goddess of fertility, love and beauty. Emeralds are said to enhance honesty, harmony and teamwork.


The June birthstone is the luminous pearl. Pearls are unique among gemstones since they are not mined from the earth, but rather treasures from the sea. For centuries pearls were considered the most valuable of all gems. Considered a symbol of friendship, loyalty and faithfulness, the pearl has remained a constant fashion staple for hundreds of years.


The intense red ruby is the July birthstone. Ruby is associated with confidence, strength, vitality and courage. Because of its color love is also related to the ruby, and it is thought by some to promote passion and romance. The stone is believed to aid the wearer in making important life decisions, especially where finances are concerned.


Peridot is the birthstone for August, a beautiful vibrant lime green gemstone. The color is representative of nature, life, and well-being. Those who wear peridot are said to be blessed with good fortune and love. In relationships peridot is associated with loyalty, harmony and commitment. The stone is also believed to ward off nightmares, bringing peaceful dreams.


The precious gemstone blue sapphire is the birthstone of September. Sapphire has been incorporated into royal jewelry for centuries as a symbol of purity and wisdom. Some even think the stone is a link to the heavens and a conduit of intelligence and power. Sapphire is an excellent choice for engagement rings because its durability and beauty is second only to diamond.


There are many varieties of the October birthstone opal, known for exhibiting a kaleidoscope of gorgeous color. Opal is associated with hope, faith, purity and innocence. Ancient Greeks wore opals in the belief that the stone protected them from illness and gave them the ability to prophecy the future. Throughout history opals have been considered a lucky stone.


Citrine is the November birthstone. The golden yellow color of this sunny gemstone is perfectly suited to the joyful, happiness-producing reputation of Citrine. This gemstone is sometimes referred to as the Success Stone or the Merchant’s Stone, as it has historically been believed to promote good fortune. In fact, Citrine is said to create wealth and abundance according to Chinese Feng Shui philosophy.

Blue Topaz

Blue topaz is the December birthstone. There are many emotional benefits attributed to the aqua-turquoise color stone, from calming tempers to enhancing confidence and understanding of others. Giving this gemstone as a gift is a sign of eternal love, harmony and fidelity. Blue topaz is thought to improve communication skills in both listening and sharing.

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